Grant to Assist Owners in the Construction and/or Completion or Rehabilitation of their First Home



To give a grant to assist with the Construction and / or completion or rehabilitation of a first dwelling.


1. Grant is given under the following conditions:
  • In the case of single persons over 24 years (or 18 years in case of a physical, intellectual or disabled person). Applicants can benefit from a maximum grant of €2330.
  • In the case of engaged or married couples, or separated/divorced persons, single parents or widows with custody of children, applicants can benefit from a maximum grant of €5824.
2. The maximum amount of grant is increased by an additional €1165 for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of a property which was built and ready for habitation before 1/1/1990.
3. The Grant is given in 2 instalments. The first instalment is given on works relating to construction and the second instalment is given on finishing works.
4. The grant is calculated by multiplying the value on the fiscal receipt by 13.04% for receipts dated before 31/12/2003 and by 15.254% for receipts issued after this date.
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