Home Assist Scheme BOV

Home Assist Scheme BOV

Home Assist Loans – Housing Authority Repayment Assistance Scheme 

1.          In order to qualify under this scheme clients should:-

·             Over 18 years of age;

​·             be gainfully employed. 

·             not possess another residential unit;

·             be Maltese Citizens.


2.     Clients should not have a gross annual income, including social benefits, exceeding the following:-

·             Couples -  €20,536.64

·             Single parents having children living with them - €19,536.64

·             Single persons living alone – €18,536.64

·             Disabled perons or disabled member in the household - €20,536.64

Overtime, in work benefit (IWB) and unemployment assistance tapered (UAT) should not be considered in the calculation of income.


3.   Assets will have to be carried out by HA prior referring applicants to Foundation for Social Welfare Services (FSWS).   Until the means test is being carried out, applicants will be asked to sign a declaration stating that they do not possess assets exceeding €23,300 so that case would be referred to FSWS.  This declaration is attached to application.


4.     De facto separated clients cannot qualify under this scheme;


5.    FSWS will carry out a profile on clients based on the information received from HA and other aspects.  This profiling will be forwarded to the Bank;


6.     The Loan should not exceed €120,000; whilst the value of the property should not exceed €140,000.


7.    The loan of €120,000 is to cover all expenses related to the Loan together with the 10% initial deposit on Preliminary Agreement;


8.     The property to be purchased has to be in a finished and habitable state;


9.    The PA and deed will be signed by HA’s Notary.  The Notarial fees, excluding searches on the final deed, are to be absorbed by the Housing Authority;

10.   Clients buying their first residential property will also benefit from the Stamp Duty Exemption. 


11.   The subsidy will be granted according to the applicant’s household and annual income as shown below:-



Gross Annual Income

for a basic

Calendar Year 2016

Annual Maximum Subsidy


 Single Person

0,000 – 18,536.64


Single person who lived in care or was for a period of time fostered

0,000 – 18,536.64


Disabled Single Person

0,000 – 20,536.64



Single parents with Children living with them

0,000 – 19,536.64


Disabled single parents with children living with them

0,000 – 20,536.64




0,000 – 20,536.64


Disabled Couples

0,000 – 20,536.64


Couples (+ 5 members)

0,000 – 20,536.64


Couples with fostered children living with them

0,000 – 20,536.64



12.   The subsidy is given a​s long as client satisfies the means test carried out every two years;


13.   The loan is subject to the final approval of the Bank;


14.   The subsidy will be deposited directly into client’s loan account;


15.  Once the deed is signed, the subsidy is issued upon the first payment of loan.  If a client will be benefiting from rent subsidy, this will be stopped once the subsidy under this scheme is issued;


16.  Client has an obligation to use the purchased property as his sole residential unit.

Terms and Conditions related to the scheme can be downloaded here - MT - EN​​​ 

Dikjarazzjonijiet - MT​ - EN​​ ​​  

Online Application - MT - EN​

Application - M​T​​​​