Installation of Lifts in Government Owned Residential Blocks/Entrances


To install lifts in Government owned blocks to render them more accessible.


  1. At least one of the applicants or relative who lives in the block / entrance must have a disability related to mobility or have mobility problems.
  2. At least one of the applicants must be a tenant recognised by the Government.
  3. The block/entrance must be at least three storeys high from road level.
  4. All the tenants/owners living in the block must be members of the Residents’ Association applying to install a lift.
  5. Owners participating in this scheme must contribute their share of the price for the installation of the lift, according to the number of apartments in the block.
  6. Each application is processed in terms of level of the disability or mobility problem and the urgency to install the lift in the block.
Terms and Conditions related to the scheme can be downloaded here - MT​ - EN

Online Application - MT - EN​

Application​ - MT - EN​