Rent Subsidy in Private Rented Residences


To provide subsidy to tenants on rents paid for their ordinary residence leased from the private sector.



1. The applicant is the recognised lessee or has a title of temporary emphyteusis not exceeding 21 years.

2. The property is in a good state of repair and in a habitable condition.

3. Applicants do not possess assets exceeding €23,300 from one year prior to the date of application.

4. The income of the applicants should not exceed €24,000. Whilst in case of applicants over 65 years of age, the income should not exceed €26,000.

5. Applicants have to produce a valid copy of the rental agreement.

6. Applicants do not possess other property from a year prior to date of application.

7. Subsidy is calculated on the income of applicants and the rent being paid, according to the table below.

8. The subsidy is revised every two years and is based on applicants’ income and assets for the preceding year.

9. Further information about the entitlement of subsidy and conditions can be accessed from the link below.

10. No means testing is to be carried out on applicants in receipt of the following Non Contributory Benefits:​-

​          SA - Social Assistance

          SUP - Social Assistance Single Parents

          UA - Unemployment Assistance

          AP - Age Pension

          NMIP – National Minimum Invalidity Pension​

Click here to download the Conditions - MT​​ - EN​  ​and the Application Form​ - MT​ - EN​ for this scheme.
Click here to download the Declaration Form​ - MT - EN​​ for means testing.