Scheme for Persons with Disability

Scheme for Persons with Disability


To provide financial aid and technical advice to persons with disability to carry out adaptation works related to their disability in their residence.


1.A maximum grant of €26,000 is given to persons with a disability that limits their physical or intellectual ability, affecting in a substantial way one or more of the major vital activities.
2.The applicant has to be the legal representative, parent, children or brothers/sisters of the person with a disability or he is himself suffering from a disability indicated in this scheme.
3.Grant is given in line with a technical advice on the works required according to the needs of the person with the disability/mobility problems on:
a.Adaptation works, up to €6,000;
b.Stair-lifts, up to €5,000;
c.Lifts in private blocks of apartments where assistance is based on the share of the applicant, up to a maximum of €7,000.
d.Lifts in private houses, up to a maximum of €20,000.
4.Assets of applicants during the year preceding the date of application should not exceed €150,000 and income should be below €50,000.
5.The grant is based on applicants’ aggregate income for the year prior to date of application.
6.The Housing Authority issues payments upon presentation of fiscal receipts by applicants for the works carried out, and after the Authority ascertains that works have been carried out in full and as approved and that all conditions have been observed.

7. No means testing is to be carried out on applicants in receipt of the following Non Contributory Benefits:-

SA - Social Assistance
SUP - Social Assistance Single Parents
UA - Unemployment Assistance
AP - Age Pension
NMIP – National Minimum Invalidity Pension​

Terms and Conditions related to the scheme can be downloaded here - MT​​ - EN​

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Online Application - MT​ - E​N

Application - MT - EN​ and the Doctor's Certificate Form - MT​ - E​N​ for this scheme