Specialised Housing Programmes


Guidelines for Applicants

​All proposals submitted by the applicant are expected to engage with the ethos outlined in published booklet, ‘Sustainable Communities, Housing for Tomorrow’ (2019). To download a copy please visit https://housingauthority.gov.mt/en/Documents/Schemes/Booklet.pdf

The Board has decided to work in a creative, transparent and innovative way in order to ensure that the selected applicants receive all the necessary support in relation to inclusive design. The Board is fully aware that this concept is not yet common practice. Hence, in order to facilitate the process the Board is collaborating with the Kamra tal-Periti (KTP), which will be assisting the process through the organisation of a design competition.

Below please find a thorough explanation of the application process explained in steps. For any clarifications please send us an email on specialisedhousing@ha.gov.mt​.

Before applying for the SHP funds, please read carefully the Eligibility Criteria and Requirements section in order to make sure that the right documentation is submitted. Late applications or applications with missing documentation will not be considered.

The deadline for the first step of the application process is 11th March 2019 and all required material can be submitted via email on specialisedhousing@ha.gov.mt​.

Dr Rachael Scicluna
Obo The Board Specialised Housing Programmes​

Please click here​​ to download the guidelines for Specialised Housing Programmes applicants.

Please click here​ to download the 'Sustainable Communities, Housing for Tomorrow' booklet.​​​​