Subsidy on Adaptation Works in Residences occupied by Owners or Tenants

Subsidy on Adaptation Works in Residences occupied by Owners or Tenants



To provide subsidy for adaptation works in owner occupied, privately rented or government rented residences. Landlords of private dwellings rented to tenants can apply for assistance to eliminate dangerous structure only and on just one property. This aid helps to render premises in a habitable and acceptable standard.


1.The maximum amount of assistance under this scheme is €14,000 for owner occupied premises, €10,000 for tenants and €4,000 for landlords of rented properties.

2.Owner occupiers can benefit from assistance for repairs related to structure and adaptations in their residence, whilst tenants can benefit for assistance related to adaptations.

3.Assistance is given in the case of works to be carried out on properties which have been built over 15 years ago.

4.Assets of applicants during the year preceding the date of application should not exceed €60,000 and income should be below €26,182.

5.The grant is based on applicant’s income and family members.

6.The Housing Authority issues payments upon presentation of fiscal receipts by applicants for the works carried out, and after the Authority ascertains that works have been carried out in full and as approved and all conditions have been observed.

7.Beneficiaries under this scheme may benefit for additional improvements after five years, provided that the total sum does not exceed the maximum amount.

8. No means testing is to be carried out on applicants in receipt of the following Non Contributory Benefits:-
SA - Social Assistance
SUP - Social Assistance Single Parents
UA - Unemployment Assistance
AP - Age Pension
NMIP – National Minimum Invalidity Pension

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