Subsidy on Adaptation Works related to dangerous structures in Private Dwellings Held on Lease of Emphyteusis prior to 1st June 1995


To provide subsidies to assist certain tenants/emphyteuta in carrying out works related to dangerous structures and to render these residential premises leased to them prior 1st June 1995 habitable and of an acceptable standard.


1.Applicant is the recognised tenant / temporary emphyteuta or sub-emphyteuta of the dwelling house in respect of which he is applying for assistance available under this Scheme.

2.The lease or emphyteusis should have been in force before 1st June 1995;

3.One of the applicant is a Maltese citizen or a European citizen;

4.Applicant has already entered into a contract of lease (a contract of lease includes receipts of rents paid) entered into before the 1st of June 1995 or has a grant of temporary emphyteusis not exceeding 21 years entered into before the 1st of June 1995;

5.The dwelling house has been declared by the Housing Authority or by a competent Court or are considered by the Authority as a dangerous structure and which needs repairs;

6.The use of the premises for residential purposes is lawful and in accordance with the contractual obligations of the lease or of the deed of temporary emphyteusis whichever is the case;

7.the lease does not refer to furnished premises the lease does not refer to furnished premises;

8.During the twelve (12) months preceding the date of application till the approval of the grant under this scheme, applicant should not possess capital assets exceeding €25,000, and the aggregate annual income for the preceding year should be less than €26,000.

9.The adaptation cash assistance subsidy shall be based on the aggregate annual income. Click here to find schedules.

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