Installation of Lifts in Government Owned Residential Blocks / Entrances


Application for the Installation of Lifts in Government Owned Residential Blocks/Entrances occupied by persons suffering from a disability related to mobility

Section 1 - Personal Information about Applicant

Section 2 - Information about Block/Entrance

Section 3 - Necessary Documents (where applicable)

Application having missing documents shall not be accepted

Photocopy of valid ID Card from both sides of each applicant and of the disabled person.


In case of owner applicant, the deed of acquisition of the property.


In case of tenant applicant, the last rent receipt.


Photocopy of valid Disability Card from both sides issued by the National Commission Persons with Disability and a medical certificate describing the disablity and condition of the disabled (diagnosis) also describing how this medical condition is affecting the applicant in the present and future day to day functions. The certificate is also to indicate whether the medical condition is a temporary of permanent one (prognosis).


In case of separated/annulled/divorced applicants, these are to produce a copy of the final judgement of the competent court that pronounces the separation or a copy of the contract of separation.


In case of bone fide de facto separated persons, these are to produce proof and/or official documentation to substantiate this. It shall be discretionary on the Housing Authority to decide whether the documents submitted suffice the de facto separation.


Section 4 - Declarations / Residents' Association


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A non-refundable administrative fee of €40.00 applies upon submission of an application.

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