Nikru biex Nassistu Scheme

Applications for Rental of Property to the Housing Authority​ 

Section 1 - Personal Information about Applicant

Contact Details

Section 2 - Details of the Property

Section 3 - Necessary Documents (where applicable)

NOTE: If more than an apartment in the same block of apartments is being offered under this scheme, documents with number 1 and 3 do not need to be submitted for each application.

A site plan, scale 1:2500 clearly indicating the location of the property together with approved drawings scale 1:100. Drawings should include a scale bar or room dimensions, and preferably be submitted in ACAD or PDF format.


Photographs of property, including two of the façade, and at least one photo of each room (does not apply for properties offered on plan).


Copy of the building permit.


Certified proof of ownership of property.


Power of Attorney or other document authorising applicant on behalf of owner/s, to submit offer and abide by conditions of schemes. This is applicable when property is owned by more than one person or by a company.


A declaration from the applicant that the property is being offered to be rented to the Housing Authority for a period of ten (10) years uninterruptedly and without hindrance, and that the applicant is authorising the Housing Authority to sublet the property to third parties at its absolute discretion.


Details of the Condominium Administrator (where applicable).


In the case of property being offered on plan, a declaration by applicant indicating the date of completion of property to a finished state.


Section 4 - Declaration by Applicant

Declaration - Nikru biex Nassistu Scheme

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