Subsidy on Adaptation Works related to Dangerous Structures in Private Dwellings

Section 1 - Personal Information about Applicant/s

Contact Details

Section 2 - Other Information

Applicant is requested to indicate whether he/she:

Section 3 - Requested Works

Section 4 - Necessary Documents and Certificates (where applicable)

Photocopy of valid ID Card from both sides of each applicant and of children over the age of 18 living with them.


In case of separated/annulled/divorced applicants, these are to produce a copy of the final judgement of the competent court that pronounces the separation or a copy of the contract of separation.


In case of bone fide de facto separated persons, these are to produce proof and/or official documentation to substantiate this. It shall be discretionary on the Housing Authority to decide whether the documents submitted suffice the de facto separation.


FS3 of applicants for calendar year preceding the date of application. In case of applicants in receipt of pensions, a document indicating the amount of pension received is to be produced. In case of self employed applicants, these are to produce a Profit & Loss Account/Income Statement signed by themselves and a Balance Sheet/Statement of Financial Position if applicable, together with Income Tax form for the year preceding the date of application if applicable.


Copy of deed of rental agreement and latest rental receipts.


Updated Work Book Entries issued by JobsPlus (Work Book Section) of all applicants.


Section 5 - Declarations by Applicant/s

Declaration - Subsidy on Adapation of Works in Private Dwelling

Signed Declaration Form:*   

**Application Charges

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A non-refundable administrative fee of €20.00 applies upon submission of an application.

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