An Evolving Authority

This morning, the Chairman and the Executive Board of the Malta Housing Authority approved a series of organisation reforms that will come into play as of next Monday. The changes will ensure that Malta Housing Authority continues to evolve, adapt, and remain a catalyst for welfare and affordable housing opportunities for all.

The unanimously approved reforms resulted from a 3-month external consultation process that analysed the strategic and structural situation of the Authority. A Digital Transformation and a Perfected Classification of the organisation’s executive departments will lead this dynamic change among the enacted changes. In addition, two new departments focusing on Compliance & Enforcement and Policy, Research, and Data will be set up to adequately address the implementation of this digital transformation in line with the newly introduced legislation.

CEO Matthew Zerafa explained the significance of this step for the Authority as it sets out a clear and calculated direction that guarantees its relevance in Maltese society for the years to come. “The proposed changes backed by a meticulous scientific report have been well received and will bolster the quality of the work we do - for our users, employees, and stakeholders alike,” Zerafa explained.

“As an organization we pride ourselves with the great people and professionals that form part of the Authority. We must unleash that potential and continue providing the best possible service to the Maltese community”.