Affordable Housing

The Housing Authority has various schemes to ensure that the housing market is accessible for all individuals irrespective of their financial means.  The Housing Benefit Scheme is aimed towards those who lease their residence whilst the equity sharing, 10% deposit and subsidy on loan schemes assist individuals to purchase their residence.  Other schemes provide financial assistance for the rehabilitation or finishing of dwellings.

Social Housing

Individuals whose financial means do not permit them to access the housing market in the private sector may request to be accommodated in a property allocated by the Housing Authority.  This assistance is given to individuals with an income less than €10,000 (singles) / €12,000 + 700 / child (couples / single parents) and assets worth less than €28,000.

Pre-95 Protected Leases

Lease agreements which commenced before 1st June 1995 are governed by Cap 59 and 158 of the Code of Laws.  The tenants may not be evicted and rent may not be increased unless as stipulated in the legislation.  The Housing Authority provides financial assistance to help the tenants pay the revised rents as stipulated in the legislation.

Private Residential Leases 

Lease agreements signed after 1st June 1995 must be registered with the Housing Authority as stipulated in Cap 604 of the Code of Laws.  The online registration process ensures transparency and provides stability to both owners and tenants.  Some disputes may be resolved summarily through an arbitration panel held within the Housing Authority.

Repairs & Adaptations

The Housing Authority has various schemes and initiatives to assist owners and tenants to repair or adapt their dwellings to make them habitable and suitable for their needs.