Pre-95 | Protected Leases

Pre-95 | Protected Leases

Introduction to the Service

Through legislative amendments enacted in 2021, owners of properties leased before 1st June 1995 may file a request in front of the Rent Regulation Board to :

  1. verify whether the tenant’s means exceed the means testing criteria, in which case the tenant is evicted and,
  2. if not, obtain an increase in the rent paid up to 2% of the value of the property.

Legal Services

The Housing Authority provides the tenants with the services of a lawyer without charge to assist them in court cases in front of the Rent Regulation Board explained above.  This service is also provided for court cases in the Civil Hall (Constitutional Jurisdiction) where the owner seeks the nullification of the protection granted by the legislation.

Rent Subsidy Scheme

The Housing Authority provides tenants who are eligible to continue living in their residence with subsidy amounting to :

  1. the entire difference between the previous rent and the new rent established by the Rent Regulation Board for elderly tenants.
  2. The difference between 25% of the income and the new rent established by the Rent Regulation Board for working tenants. 


Subsidy is paid in full if criteria are met


Subsidy on rent given (depends on rent establised by court)


Of income used for rent for non-pensioners

Alternative Accommodation

Rent subsidy is capped at €10,000 in both cases.  Tenants who live in high-value properties and cannot afford to pay the difference between the maximum subsidy and the new rent are provided with alternative accommodation in a property owned or administered by the Government.