Repair & Adaptations

Repair & Adaptation

Installation of Lifts

The scheme for the installation of lifts in Government Owned blocks allows residents in these blocks to request the Housing Authority to install a lift.  An application may be submitted for blocks where one or more flats are owned by the Government and one of the residents suffers from lack of mobility.  The tenants must form a Residents’ Association to administer and maintain the lift.

Regeneration of Facades

Starting in 2018, each year the Authority allocates a budget for the regeneration of facades of social housing blocks.  This program will ensure that gradually all facades of social housing blocks are restored.  The blocks in each year’s program are chosen by the Housing Authority according to the state of deterioration of the facade.

Regeneration of Common Parts 

Tenants of social housing blocks are given a grant of €6,000 to refurbish the common parts through the scheme “Il-Binja Tiegħi, id-Dar Tiegħi” which is run in conjunction with the local councils.  Tenants must form a Residents’ Association and contact the local council to benefit from this scheme.

Rehabilitation of Vacant Dwellings

The scheme for the Rehabilitation of Vacant Dwellings provides financial assistance for the refurbishment of old properties which have been vacant for a year or longer.  A grant of up to €25,000 is given on condition that the property is leased to the Housing Authority for a period of 10 years upon completion of works.  The property is then sub-leased by the Authority for social housing purposes. 

Adaptation of Pre-95 Properties

The scheme for Adaptation of properties leased before June 1995 provides financial assistance up to €25,000 for structural repairs in these dwellings.  Tenants with an annual income up to €26,182 and assets worth up to €60,000 are eligible under this scheme.

Subsidy on Adaptation Works

The Subsidy on Adaptation Works Scheme provides financial assistance for the refurbishment of old dwellings.  Individuals who own their dwelling may benefit from up to €21,000 to carry out structural and finishing works; tenants may benefit from up to €15,000 to refurbish the finishes whilst owners of leased dwellings may benefit from up to €6,000 to carry out structural works

Renovation of Housing Estates

Housing Estates built decades ago require substantial renovation to modernize them in line with current standards.  The residents need not apply for this service, the refurbishment is done through a systematic and ongoing program.

Sensability Scheme

The Sensability Scheme provides financial assistance for the equipping of a sensory room for autistic persons.  An occupational therapist verifies each case and recommends the works financed through this scheme.  The application may be submitted by the interested person’s relative or legal representative

Scheme for Persons with Disability

The Disability scheme provides financial assistance so that a property may be adapted for the needs of disabled persons, such as through the installation of a stairlift or the installation of a wheelchair accessible bathroom.  An Applicant  can benefit from a total grant of €28,000.