Housing Authority Introduces GIS

The Housing Authority has recently entered into an agreement with MITA to introduce GIS (Geographic Information Systems). This software application enables a clear visual representation of spatial data on a map, allowing Housing Authority staff to easily visualize, analyse and observe trends.

This technology enables better planning, and management and above all decision-making across a wide range of fields including urban planning and natural resource management to transportation and most importantly – Housing. Using GIS, the Malta Housing Authority is geared to take its operations to the next level by improving its Housing Stock management and maintain Land Ownership Boundaries. GIS will also enable the Authority to take data-lead decisions by identifying emerging trends with regard to Housing Demands, Contributing Factors and Spatial Relationships.

GIS is another step forward towards the Housing Authority’s ongoing digital revolution. The introduction of GIS further aligns with HA’s goal of improved data management and insights that empower informed, data-driven decisions.

Specialised training will be offered to all employees who will be utilising the system which is expected to be fully operational over the coming weeks. This tool has been developed by ESRI – a global market leader in GIS Software and is operated within Government entities by MITA.