Introduction of Care Plan for Social Housing Applicants and Beneficiaries

After last year the Housing Authority launched the 'care plan' program in collaboration with the University of Malta, professionals in the social field within the Housing Authority started following 28 tenants who live in social housing. These cases were selected after deficiencies were noted such as arrears in the payment of rent or electricity and water bills, bad behavior and lack of maintenance in the residence. The tenants were followed up regularly through phone calls, emails and visits to their residence according to the case. The monitoring and individualized help given helped 27 tenants to regularize their position. This experience also served so that the 'care plan' program could be designed in a more detailed way.

In the coming months and years the 'care plan' program will be extended to applicants on the waiting list for social housing and to all tenants who need this service. In this way the policy of the Housing Authority is further established which offers not only a house to everyone who needs it but also all the necessary tools so that the tenants can live in the given house. The Housing Authority issued an 'Expression of Interest' in order to obtain the services of professionals in the social field to carry out the 'care plan' with the applicants and tenants. Professionals interested in offering this service are encouraged to apply as soon as possible as the call closes on November 15.