Assisting the most vulnerable and in need in Society

Various schemes to ensure that the housing market is accessible for all.

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Supporting the tenants who have been living in the dwelling rented pre-1995

Mission Statement

To provide and sustain decent social and affordable housing opportunities promoting stability and supporting social mobility

First-time buyer scheme

A €10,000 grant to assist first-time homebuyers in the crucial first years after the purchase of their first home.

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Housing Briefs

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The principles and the ideas behind the work of the Housing Authority. A description of what the the Authority strives to achieve.


The Housing Authority has various schemes to ensure that the housing market is accessible for all individuals irrespective of their financial means


The Chairman and the Board of Directors confer the day to day decision making to the Chief Executive Officer, who is assisted by Executive Heads who lead the Authority’s departments.   

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7 Key Insights into the Rental Market Experience in Malta

The Housing Authority has published an extensive study as part of its dedication to explore the diverse dynamics of the Maltese Rental Market. This study, in particular, seeks to comprehensively understand the demographic and socio-economic nature of tenants and landlords in Malta and the nature of the relationship between them. While the authority has already…