Assisting the most vulnerable and in need in Society

Scheme to support people who pay for a private rent

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Supporting the tenants who have been living in the dwelling rented pre-1995

First-time buyer scheme

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Mission Statement

To provide and sustain decent social and affordable housing opportunities promoting stability and supporting social mobility

The principles and the ideas behind the work of the Housing Authority. A description of what the the Authority strives to achieve.

The Housing Authority’s operations is divided into seven departments; Schemes and Customer Care; Private Residential Leases; Social Housing; Technical Services; Estate Management; Finance and Legal and Corporate.

The Chairman and the Board of Directors confer the day to day decision making to the Chief Executive Officer, who is assisted by Executive Heads who lead the Authority’s departments.   

Since 11th October


Our Journey

The Housing Authority was established on 11th October 1976, by an Act in Parliament, entitled Act XV of 1976, better known as The Housing Authority Act. The Housing Authority falls under the Ministry for Social Accommodation.

New Scheme

A new scheme intended for owners who lease their residence at affordable rents and are interested in selling the property to their tenants; as long as the tenants are eligible for the Housing Benefit.

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